Michael Mazzola

discovering Midsummer in Grand Rapids

Last week I flew back from the east coast by way of Michigan, to spend three days shadowing Whim W’Him artistic director Olivier Wevers as he worked on a new Midsummer Night’s Dream for Grand Rapids Ballet. GRB's facility is [...]

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sharing Third Degree – This is real.

You did it Whimmers! "Delightful," "fantastic," "thoughtful," "stellar," "a feast for the senses"—just some of the words lavished by audience members on Whim W'Him's latest program, Third Degree. "Aesthetically," writes Anna Waller in Seattle Dances, "the works in Third Degree [...]

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composing – Brian Lawlor

Brian Lawlor is, as he puts it, "a musical mutt." The composer for Whim W'Him artistic director/choreographer Olivier Wevers' revealing new I don't remember a spark,* Brian says he is a "hypercollaborator." He delights in working with theatrical, dance, and [...]

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Whim W’Him photo favorites 3 – Adam Bamberg

Whim W'Him is fortunate to have Adam Bamberg, of Bamberg Fine Art Photography— along with wife Kim Bamberg and co-conspirator Molly Magee—as official recorders of the company's most striking moments. Here are Adam's thoughts on the favorite photos he chose for [...]

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and there was light – Michael Mazzola

In his yesterday’s Seattle Times review of CRAVE More, Michael Upchurch rightfully featured lighting. During and after both shows so far, I also heard audience members marveling at it. The Upchurch review concludes: “Michael Mazzola’s lighting design is as crucial [...]

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rehearsing Sunday—brrrr!

How cold it was! The rehearsal was scheduled for a sunny Sunday afternoon at the Dance Fremont studios, but the temperature outside was barely above freezing. Inside, due to a furnace malfunction, it felt scarcely over 50°F. The run-up to [...]

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illuminated – Michael Mazzola

Michael Mazzola lit all three premieres, by Olivier Wevers, of the Casting the First Rock in Twenty-Twelve program, as he has each Whim W’Him production to date. The lighting conception for the witty and playful Flower Festival is both deceptively [...]

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testing-first steps on thrOwn set

Today was an exciting rehearsal. Everyone was "on," in an upbeat mood, both making jokes and ready to work hard. The first time in the house for this production. And then there was the lovely preview in the Seattle Times [...]

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illuminating – Michael Mazzola

Honest, down-to-earth, sensible, dryly witty, Michael Mazzola again struck me, on meeting him after a year, as being full of the light he deals in. I talked to him after a day largely devoted to lighting in the week that [...]

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