Through IN-with-WHIM, Whim W’Him will feature an experimental season of original dance films by some of the world’s most intriguing contemporary dance choreographers, and a series of digital conversations designed to bring audiences into the creative process to share and engage with the dance community in Seattle and around the globe. Whim W’Him is creating the original dance films in collaboration with Quinn Wharton, a New York-based movement photographer and filmmaker who has also danced professionally with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and San Francisco Ballet.

We created this season as a way to prioritize the health of our artists and the community, while supporting ways for dance artists, students and audiences to come together while staying apart.

August 2020

Choreography by Penny Saunders & Olivier Wevers
Original composition by Brian Lawlor & Mike Wall
Filming and Direction by Quinn Wharton

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September 2020

Choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Madison Olandt & Mike Tyus
Original composition by Emmit Fenn
Filming and Direction by Quinn Wharton

January 2021

Choreography by Olivier Wevers
Composition by Brian Lawlor
Filming and Direction by Quinn Wharton

May 2021

Choreography by Joseph Hernandez, Robyn Mineko Williams
Original composition by Barret Anspach
Filming and Direction by Quinn Wharton

In addition to these original dance films, we will also use our IN-with-WHIM platform to curate a series of digital artist interviews and chats called Dance & Tell, share behind-the-scenes experiences, and livestream some of our rehearsals so dancers, students and audiences can see how Whim W’Him and its dancers are continuing to find ways to create while adjusting our practices to comply with vital and necessary public safety mandates.

IN-with-WHIM will feature a variety of additional content, including videos of past creations from our first decade alongside interviews with the creators, contemporary technique classes, and forums around mental and physical health for dancers and movement artists.

We are also exploring a series of physically distant, outdoor FREE POP-UP performances. These performances will take place throughout the summer to engage our communities in innovative contemporary dance creations in ways that are safe and responsible.

Artistic Director & Founder Olivier Wevers shared, “While online streaming will never replace the experience of live performances, we believe in nurturing the future of contemporary dance by stretching our imagination beyond the stage and engaging with our community virtually. Filled with courage and resilience, we are determined, even while physically distant from others, to look beyond our own circumstances and interact with the world in creative ways. We are keeping new contemporary dance creations alive, for our communal healing now and to ensure a revitalized future for the arts and humanity.”