Whim W’Him is fortunate to have Adam Bamberg, of Bamberg Fine Art Photography— along with wife Kim Bamberg and co-conspirator Molly Magee—as official recorders of the company’s most striking moments. Here are Adam’s thoughts on the favorite photos he chose for the blog:

Andrew Bartee and Lucien Postlewaite make many of my favorite shots. Onstage or off, Lucien is someone you fall in love with immediately. I credit him for making me adore ballet and dance. Watching Lucien started my addiction to the Whim dancers and that feeling has not left me.



In the first image, the position Lucien is in on the floor with Andrew over him shows his power, it is ready to spring out of him, to launch him off the floor. I also love that it shows Eric Banks and The Esoterics in the background
[in Approaching Ecstasy, for which he wrote the music and directed choir & instrumentalists], demonstrating [Whim W’Him artistic director & AE choreographer] Olivier Wevers‘s dedication to collaboration.



The second image, of Chalnessa [Eames] with her arms spread and her head tilted back screaming is representative of her commitment to her dance roles. She is completely believable to me, plus, the strength she has shines through, look at her arms!!


Image number 3, where the dancers are behind the screen with their arms extended upwards, is a moment I tried to catch many times in rehearsals that I never got quite right. During dress I was in the right place at the right time and captured what I think is perfection in position, lighting and perspective. Delicious!



This image of Chalnessa standing in the wings of Whim’s first show, at On the Boards, was where it all started and I am so proud to have taken that shot, it is my favorite.



In this photo of Chalnessa and Lucien in white, they both remind me of how dance can be so simple and yet complicated and elegant all in one moment. There is something about their precision that I can taste and I love it!



Lucien is in full effect in this photo from Three Seasons. He is flying through the air heading for the other dancers on the floor. It is mind blowing to see him cover the stage in just a couple of spinning leaps! Also, I love seeing the set designed by Casey Curran and the lighting created by Michael Mazzola.


 In the last photo with Chalnessa and Andrew, I adore the softness that this woman, who most often makes my stomach hurt form laughing so much, portrays. She is angelic and appears ready to take flight, I cannot believe that I captured the light on her face and the delicate position of her arms all with a bit of Andrew behind.

Being in the ultimately privileged position of photographing Whim W’Him is Delicious, that is what I term it. I am so fortunate to be able to do this with Kim and Molly. Meeting and getting to know everyone involved with Whim W’Him makes me so thankful for each of the dancers, board members, support staff and, of course, Olivier. You have taught me so much and I love you all! 

Witnessing the creation of a dance and seeing that through to being performed on stage is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Olivier!”