Here are some favorite Whim W’Him images taken by Kim Bamberg of Bamberg Fine Art Photography, along with her notes on what she finds special in the moments captured.

I had a really hard time writing commentary because taking photos comes from such a deep place within me I have a hard time accessing it (especially with WW photos) and words cannot accurately describe my thoughts. There is a certain instinct that takes over and I don’t even feel like my usual self while shooting, it is similar to when athletes are ‘in the zone.’

I love love love Monster, I tear up almost every time I see it performed. I was lucky to be in rehearsals while Olivier

[Wevers, Whim W’Him’s artistic director] was creating each section and I feel so connected to the movements and the meaning behind them. To me this photo is timeless, the simplicity of it speaks volumes. I also love that I have tried to take this photo again and again, each time I’ve seen “Society [one of the three parts of Monster] but have never captured it with the same ‘perfection’ as that first time- that is one of my favorite things about photography – it truly is about capturing a moment in time.”


“Wow, what can I say about this man? Andrew [Bartee] is such an incredible dancer, I have a hard time taking any credit for the awesomeness of this shot…it is all Andrew. I’m so thankful to be a part of the Whim W’Him team and this moment made me literally jump for joy when I saw it on my computer screen.”


One of my favorite parts of our photographic process with Whim W’Him is sending Olivier my ‘top pick’ photos, and then seeing which ones he chooses as his favorites. Most often his favorite photo is also mine, talk about satisfying! This photo was the first time that happened, and it was also the first time I let it sink in that it was possibly a good thing that I had never photographed dance before. I had never seen Fragments before this dress rehearsal back in January 2010, instinct took over my body and I turned my camera a bit askew at the last second and there it was.”


“After watching rehearsals in the studio there are often moments that I hope to capture during the dress rehearsal, this was one of them. Annabelle [Lopez Ochoa] connects the dancers in a way that is so beautiful, I love how the costumes, lighting and dancers [in Crave] come together to create a piece of art that could be a sculpture, yet you can feel their movement at the same time.”


“Capturing emotion is absolutely central to my photographic vision. The simplicity of this photo and the beauty of Lucien [Postlewaite]’s expression with the hint of Chalnessa [Eames] behind him, her hand and the negative space make this photo very special to me. I love that even in a studio rehearsal the two of them were performing the piece with the same intensity as if it were opening night.”


“I absolutely love watching Olivier working with his dancers in rehearsals, he respects them, has fun with them and facilitates a nurturing, creative environment for exploring the movements he has envisioned. Olivier communicates so much to his dancers with his hands, I often find myself zooming in and photographing just his hands.


“The collaboration of artists who work together to share their talents with Whim W’Him is incredible, it feels so great to be a part of. [Lighting designer] Michael Mazzola is a perfect example. His way of painting with light is so inspiring and his contribution to Whim W’Him’s productions is immeasurable. This photo reminds me of that, I distinctly remember the moment when the stage went dark and the silhouettes of the dancers appeared. I was completely giddy as I photographed that moment.