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laughing – Music of Remembrance 2

"My first rule is: Let's have fun," says Whim W'Him artistic director Olivier Wevers of his choreography for Bohuslav Martinů's ballet music, La Revue de Cuisine, which will have a single showing this coming Sunday, Nov 8, at Benaroya's Nordstrom [...]

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X-POSED – RIPple efFECT onstage

The curtain went up on what I call "the electrocution section." RIPple efFECT, by French-born and trained, New York-based Manuel Vignoulle, premiered as the first piece on Whim W'Him's X-POSED May program. Out of industrial-sounding static and a clutch of [...]

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unadorned – shooting photos

This was a big week for Whim W’Him photoshoots, two quite different ones. The first—for the company’s major yearly fundraiser, Out on a Whim 2014—happened at the old Georgetown Steam Plant, originally built in 1906 to provide direct current for [...]

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refining – Andrew/Annabelle/ Olivier

When last we met the three choreographers of Whim W'Him's #unprotected program on this page, they were at various stages of creation. Andrew Bartee had a name for his piece, a strong theme and some ideas about structure, but had [...]

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celebrating – Whim W’Him’s fifth season

Whim W'him's Instantly Bound program, January 17-19, 2014 at Cornish Playhouse (formerly Intiman Theatre/Seattle Center Playhouse) kicks off its fifth season. As well as showcasing three Seattle premieres (two of them created for this show), it's the occasion for several [...]

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listening to body language – Juanjo Arques

Spanish guest choreographer Juanjo Arques is learning the dancers of Whim W'Him. They talk together a little and then start to move with a series of improv exercises in couples. Juanjo makes suggestions. After a few minutes, the couples change. [...]

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learning – Madeline DeVries

She has a ready smile. The long limbs, flexible body, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn of apprentice Madeline DeVries (or Maddie as she's usually known) make her a real Whim W'Him asset. Maddie grew up in Southern California, where she [...]

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