What an adventure!

For the first time Whim W’Him, and the majority of its dancers, performed on a New York stage. The driving vitality of New York in the air all around, the constantly moving people and vehicles on the streets, the rumble of subway cars deep underground, the cacophony of multi-lingual voices, sirens, planes, motors and music energized everyone.
Molly Magee, of Bamberg Fine Art Photography captured the excitement.

Studio rehearsals before the first show were lively, the watchers alert and responsive.

At the theater on Monday, during the only dress rehearsal, Whim W’Him artistic director and choreographer of the evening’s works, Olivier Wevers, gave notes,

while the dancers listened intently.

Before each of the two performances, the stage awaited,

costumes hung ready,

backstage was charged with electric ebullience, as the dancers warmed up,

made up,

and climbed up to the wings,

As the evening unfolded—with Monster,




Flower Festival,

and The Sofa

audience response was everything hoped for. And backstage erupted in jubilation.

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