The hand motions of the four women in choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa‘s as yet untitled new piece, for Whim W’Him’s May show, grow out of her own distinctive gestures.* And the curious vocabulary being developed for these ladies is extended out to the very tips of their fingers, which are lengthened by 8 inch nails, fashioned from drinking straws. In today’s post the dancers describe their experience of creating this riveting new work.

At a pause in rehearsal, Tory Peil needs someone to bind up her hair, which falls in silky strands over her face. She can’t brush it away because of the nails, though she says she doesn’t even notice while dancing. Tory is fascinated by the new project the women of Whim W’Him have embarked upon. “This piece is much more dreamy and otherworldly than most of the works Whim has done in the recent past,” she says. “We get to be more creature-like in our