Lucien Postlewaite

is it hurting yet? – on dance & pain

Dancers are so matter-of-fact about pain. Whim W’Him’s Lara Seefeldt says they take hurting “as a given,” while Kyle Matthew Johnson, speaking more personally, notes that, “For most shows I’m dealing with some injury or pain, dealing with it and [...]

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trying out / finding whimmers

The public wasn't due at the Joyce Theater, for its Ballet v.6.0 program, until evening. The house waited empty except for a photographer and writer from Dance Magazine and a few observers like Patricia Barker and Michael Auer of Grand [...]

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keepin’ on whimmin’ in NYC

Taking up where we left off at the end of Sunday night's rehearsal, dancer Melody Mennite writes, "I fell in love in this city, got engaged here, shed blood, sweat, and tears on stage here. I haven't ever lived in [...]

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whimming in New York

At the start of today (Sunday) I emailed the Whimmers coming to New York—on the occasion of Whim W'Him's debut at the Joyce Theatre—asking for any interesting thoughts, photos or happenings, en route or since they've been here. Here's a [...]

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Whim W’Him photo favorites 3 – Adam Bamberg

Whim W'Him is fortunate to have Adam Bamberg, of Bamberg Fine Art Photography— along with wife Kim Bamberg and co-conspirator Molly Magee—as official recorders of the company's most striking moments. Here are Adam's thoughts on the favorite photos he chose for [...]

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dazzling – Whim W’Him in Tacoma

Writing from Canberra, Australia—I'm enjoying autumn leaves & last of summer fruits. Today, just a quick word on what, from all I hear, was a terrific performance of Whim W'Him at the historic Pantages Theater in Tacoma. Congratulations to dancers [...]

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‘the Seattle Roméo’- Lucien Postlewaite

Until this season, Lucien Postlewaite, one of Whim W’Him’s founding members, was a principal at Pacific Northwest Ballet. Now he’s part of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo—plus guesting with Whim W’Him (weekend before last) and (February 9) as Roméo in [...]

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