Recently, I asked each of the three Bamberg Fine Art photographers to select half a dozen or so of their personal favorites out of all the thousands of images of Whim W’Him they have caught over the past few years. Future posts will feature Kim & Adam Bamberg‘s picks, but as the previous post was on Molly Magee, the newest of the three, we’ll begin with her photos and her comments on why she chose them:
These images from Cylindrical Shadows are super special for me because that piece was my introduction to Whim W’Him. I had just started really working for Kim and Adam that spring that Annabelle
[Lopez Ochoa] came to create the piece, and I was still very much learning to be a digital shooter during those rehearsals.
“I had been working almost exclusively with analog film before that, so these images truly are the transition for me and will forever be some of my most cherished captures. Also, I feel really privileged to have gotten to capture Olivier [Wevers, Whim W’him’s Artistic Director], actually performing – I didn’t realize at the time how special that actually was but it makes my heart smile to have these now.”
Flower Festival. While this particular frame doesn’t convey the hilarity that is Flower Festival, I actually really like that it shows their serious facial expressions in the midst of an absurd series of interactions. Basically I love their partnership, and it was just really fun piece to capture.”
Kaori [Nakamura] and Lucien [Postlewaite] in rehearsal for Approaching Ecstasy.
I just love this moment. The curves/lines. Her hands, Lucien’s expression. It’s just perfect and beautiful to me, even if it’s technically an imperfect rehearsal moment
Tory Peil in Approaching Ecstasy. This whole production was stunning. The set, the integration of The Esoterics, and of course the choreography [of Olivier]. Just one of my favorite frames in an overall gorgeous show.
Andrew [Bartee] in More. Well first of all, who can resist capturing a leap like that?! It’s basically impossible to take a bad photo of any of these incredibly talented dancers, but I do have to admit Andrew is a bit of muse for me. I find myself naturally in sync with his movement, and I just love shooting him.”
Chal[nessa Eames] after La langue de l’amour – Honestly I just love the colors in this image. This solo is also a really fun piece, and I love the simplicity of the lighting and the contrast of blue with a hint of red curtain coming down was just irresistible!