At the start of today (Sunday) I emailed the Whimmers coming to New York—on the occasion of Whim W’Him’s debut at the Joyce Theatre—asking for any interesting thoughts, photos or happenings, en route or since they’ve been here.
Here’s a quick sort of verbal-pictorial collage of their replies so far.

Early this morning, dancer Shane Ohmer wrote, “4:30 a.m awake in Chicago. Nice to not have to check a bag at the airport. Slept on the flight! Hi NYC! Ready for the Joyce. Dancers delight.” Tory Peil shared a rather mysterious photo from Friday night—vegging out on the plane en route to NYC?

While we’re doing feet, stage manager from Seattle, Jill Carnine contributes a photo of “best boss footwear ever!” from yesterday’s rehearsal at the DANY studios on W. 38th St.

From dancer Kyle Matthew Johnson: “It’s nice to know that even in NY you can’t go more than 2 blocks without a Starbucks, it makes it feel like home.

The most fascinating thing I’ve encountered personally so far is one of my favorite parts of the City, the Garment District (7th Ave has been renamed Fashion Ave on streets signs). Incredible, extravagant fabrics, whole shops or silk or wool or thread, sequins & buttons—I want to drop everything and design costumes or construct marionettes…

Yuka Oba warmed up in the studio. She says: “I am really excited for the show! and having a lot of fun at the NY 🙂 also I’m so glad that I could see and work with Whimmers here and dance together at Joyce! it’s such s special thing to me 🙂

Meanwhile this afternoon, from a rest-stop in Pennsylvania on her trek from Seattle (by plane from to Grand Rapids, picking up The Sofa and costumes from the ballet there and now on to NYC), photographer Molly Magee sent me some of her Instagram posts. Here’s one of the truck she is driving:

At the same time Whim W’Him board president Julie Davis spent her Sunday far from the City, “Enjoying Robert Moses Beach in a borrowed bathing suit—kind of like dancing in someone else’s costume! Excited to be Whimming and sWhimming on Long Island!

And dancer Jim Kent ended his day off walking around near Williamsburg (Brooklyn). “Friends I am staying with led me to the rooftop of the Wythe Hotel. I found myself in the middle of dancing youth, glistening and happy, all of us witnessing the most stunning sunset and view of the city.

This evening though, it was back to the studio for rehearsal from 6 to 10 pm.

For Andrew, who notes: “Today I was walking downtown and a piece of trash flew through the air and stuck to my face,” it’s been a long day.

Monday dress rehearsal & opening night!