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Whim W’Him photo favorites 3 – Adam Bamberg

Whim W'Him is fortunate to have Adam Bamberg, of Bamberg Fine Art Photography— along with wife Kim Bamberg and co-conspirator Molly Magee—as official recorders of the company's most striking moments. Here are Adam's thoughts on the favorite photos he chose for [...]

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glancing backward – and ahead

2012 brought new horizons, new challenges and new triumphs to Whim W'Him, now ensconced as the resident dance company of Intiman Theatre (recently renamed Playhouse at the Seattle Center). As a salute to the past year's achievements, here is a brief [...]

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thoughts on Approaching Ecstasy

I was going to write a compendium of reviews and audience comments for this post. There’s been a great outpouring of praise for Approaching Ecstasy, which makes gratifying reading for everyone concerned with this choral/dance collaboration (choral music composed by [...]

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lighting ecstasy— Jeff Forbes

There is such tension in this program between external constraint and interior feeling. It is expressed in Approaching Ecstasy in the contrast between the flat, uncompromising angles of the unadorned stage; the rectangular set pieces; the discipline of dancers and [...]

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approaching ecstasy – on stage

Next week is opening night for Approaching Ecstasy, Whim W’Him’s inventive collaboration with The Esoterics (Intiman Theatre, May 18-20 ). First taste of the theater this last Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Quite a mass of people to deploy. But [...]

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dancing lives – Shane Ohmer

Shane Ohmer has been performing with Bad Boys of Dance as a lead dancer in Rock the Ballet. He has the buff body and stern/dangerous, almost sulky James Dean look you’d expect in that role. In person, however, he is [...]

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approaching ecstasy from multiple directions…

One of the most intriguing aspects of Whim W’Him artistic director Olivier Wevers’s approach to this suite of danced/sung poems (to debut May 18-20, 2012 at Intiman Theatre) is how he varies his choreographic treatment. Today, at a little summing [...]

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costuming – Anastasia Armes

Anastasia with 6-year-old daughter Mila Anastasia Armes grew up in Russia in the middling size city of Saratov on the Volga River, the sort of place, she says, “mentioned in passing in Chekhov as the example of a [...]

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rehearsing – with The Esoterics

A two-part, 24-member choir is disposed in two rows, 12 facing 12, across the rehearsal hall. Onstage they will be positioned along the sides where the wings would usually hang. Throughout the 90 minute piece, these two dozen singers will [...]

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approaching ecstasy 3 – choreographing

A rather daunting prospect. Dances for eighteen sung poems of poet C.P. Cavafy, to create, teach/learn, and refine in five short weeks. This Wednesday morning, Whim W’Him artistic director/choreographer Olivier Wevers, along with dancers Chalnessa Eames and Tory Peil jumped [...]

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