Chalnessa Eames

reacting to what people say

Seattle was enjoying gleeful hysterics a week or so ago in its role as the 12th Man. An interesting concept that, one which—for all the commercialism and hype— gets at a crucial and universal element of every fine performance in [...]

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Whim W’Him photo favorites 3 – Adam Bamberg

Whim W'Him is fortunate to have Adam Bamberg, of Bamberg Fine Art Photography— along with wife Kim Bamberg and co-conspirator Molly Magee—as official recorders of the company's most striking moments. Here are Adam's thoughts on the favorite photos he chose for [...]

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Whimmers keep on moving

Sumer is icumen in! Whimmers are scattering—traveling and dancing all over the world. SHANE OHMER is ranging farthest across the globe with Bad Boys of Dance. For CHALNESSA EAMES, a Carribean vacation with her husband Ash Modha will be followed [...]

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rehearsing-in the studio with Whim W’Him

Exciting to be back in the studio yesterday, observing Olivier Wevers and the dancers create. Lots of progress in the past week. And soon we'll have some new photos too! When I arrived from the airport, a beautiful Kaori Nakamura [...]

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dancing lives-Chalnessa Eames

When Chalnessa Eames resigned from Pacific Northwest Ballet last spring, she deliberately refrained from speculating on what she might do next. “I feel,” she said then, “that I have reached a professional plateau and need some time to explore, to [...]

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approaching ecstasy 3 – choreographing

A rather daunting prospect. Dances for eighteen sung poems of poet C.P. Cavafy, to create, teach/learn, and refine in five short weeks. This Wednesday morning, Whim W’Him artistic director/choreographer Olivier Wevers, along with dancers Chalnessa Eames and Tory Peil jumped [...]

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illuminated – Michael Mazzola

Michael Mazzola lit all three premieres, by Olivier Wevers, of the Casting the First Rock in Twenty-Twelve program, as he has each Whim W’Him production to date. The lighting conception for the witty and playful Flower Festival is both deceptively [...]

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testing-first steps on thrOwn set

Today was an exciting rehearsal. Everyone was "on," in an upbeat mood, both making jokes and ready to work hard. The first time in the house for this production. And then there was the lovely preview in the Seattle Times [...]

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