Kyle Matthew Johnson

laughing – Music of Remembrance 2

"My first rule is: Let's have fun," says Whim W'Him artistic director Olivier Wevers of his choreography for Bohuslav Martinů's ballet music, La Revue de Cuisine, which will have a single showing this coming Sunday, Nov 8, at Benaroya's Nordstrom [...]

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X-POSED – RIPple efFECT onstage

The curtain went up on what I call "the electrocution section." RIPple efFECT, by French-born and trained, New York-based Manuel Vignoulle, premiered as the first piece on Whim W'Him's X-POSED May program. Out of industrial-sounding static and a clutch of [...]

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X-POSED – Black Heart onstage

"That's the black heart!" I heard more than one audience member pronounce at intermission of Whim W'Him's X-POSED last weekend. They referred to a tangled mass of light that had—significantly or pointlessly, portentously or ironically or whatever, according to your [...]

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layering – in the studio with Kate Wallich

Dissonant and harmonious in equal measure, a cacophony of choreography in 4 parts. That is the program note for Kate Wallich's ♥ (rendered on paper by a black emoji heart on a white ground and pronounced Black Heart),* with a score [...]

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trying out / finding whimmers

The public wasn't due at the Joyce Theater, for its Ballet v.6.0 program, until evening. The house waited empty except for a photographer and writer from Dance Magazine and a few observers like Patricia Barker and Michael Auer of Grand [...]

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trying out – Kyle Matthew Johnson

Kyle Matthew Johnson, the one male among Whim W’Him’s newest cohort of dancers, was born in Tacoma, WA and grew up participating in all sorts of art forms. He drew; he painted; he performed in musicals. He played the violin [...]

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