Andrew Bartee

dancer feature – Lara Seefeldt

As I was thinking about how to introduce Lara Seefeldt's Dancer Feature, I came across this tribute to her by fellow Whim W'Him dancer Justin Reiter: "Lara Seefeldt is a classic beauty. And don’t let her petite figure fool you, [...]

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on dancing #unprotected

At Q&A sessions after the Whim W’Him performances that concluded last Friday, the dancers were asked about their experiences with this program. The black box Erickson Theatre on Capital Hill holds only about 150 people, in contrast to Whim W’Him’s [...]

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refining – Andrew/Annabelle/ Olivier

When last we met the three choreographers of Whim W'Him's #unprotected program on this page, they were at various stages of creation. Andrew Bartee had a name for his piece, a strong theme and some ideas about structure, but had [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:55-08:00May 1st, 2014|

always changing – Andrew Bartee

I’m here, but it’s not the same is the title of the piece Andrew Bartee is creating for Whim W'Him's May show.* "It’s about the inevitability of change and changing as a person," he says, "an idea that fascinates me [...]

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shaking things up – Whim W’Him in May

This spring Whim W’Him is branching out, Where are we going this time? To the Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill. New venue, a new community to beguile, smaller space with more shows, and a comfy, welcoming interior for the audience. [...]

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celebrating – Whim W’Him’s fifth season

Whim W'him's Instantly Bound program, January 17-19, 2014 at Cornish Playhouse (formerly Intiman Theatre/Seattle Center Playhouse) kicks off its fifth season. As well as showcasing three Seattle premieres (two of them created for this show), it's the occasion for several [...]

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learning – Madeline DeVries

She has a ready smile. The long limbs, flexible body, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn of apprentice Madeline DeVries (or Maddie as she's usually known) make her a real Whim W'Him asset. Maddie grew up in Southern California, where she [...]

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jumping for joy – at OOAW5

Over $80,000 raised by generous donors! That's enough reason for whimmers to smile. But the evening was terrific fun in itself. Congenial guests, yummy food, entrancing entertainment, and a lovely atmosphere of good will, good fellowship, and munificence. The silent [...]

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