Third Degree Whim W’Him

sharing Third Degree – This is real.

You did it Whimmers! "Delightful," "fantastic," "thoughtful," "stellar," "a feast for the senses"—just some of the words lavished by audience members on Whim W'Him's latest program, Third Degree. "Aesthetically," writes Anna Waller in Seattle Dances, "the works in Third Degree [...]

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learning fast – Jesse Sani

In some ways the Whim W'Him moments I love best are when choreographer/artistic director Olivier Wevers is working with 1, 2 or a few dancers to draw out the meaning of a piece. Friday morning, Olivier and Jesse Sani explored his [...]

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composing – Lena Simon

Lena Simon grew up in Venice, California and has been "doing music for a long long time." Dancer/choreographer Andrew Bartee maintains that Lena "plays a bit of everything." She's composing the music for his piece This is real. to premiere [...]

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moving on – Sergey Kheylik

What brought Sergey Kheylik to ballet? "My mom made me do it," he says in his surprisingly deep voice. "to keep me off the city streets." Sergey grew up in the city of Voronezh, Russia, a fan of Michael Jackson [...]

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