Out On A Whim

unadorned – shooting photos

This was a big week for Whim W’Him photoshoots, two quite different ones. The first—for the company’s major yearly fundraiser, Out on a Whim 2014—happened at the old Georgetown Steam Plant, originally built in 1906 to provide direct current for [...]

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starting up – fall 2014

After a far-flung summer Whimmers are assembling in Seattle to start Whim W'Him's fifth season. Some fall highlights: In mid-September, the company took part in a presenters’ showcase at the Pacific Northwest Ballet studios for Western Arts Alliance. The other [...]

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fun-raising – out on a whim cinq

OUT ON A WHIM CINQ the year’s big fund-raiser, is whimming right up, in celebration of WHIM W’HIM'S FIFTH SEASON The Date: Saturday, November 2, 2013 The Time: 6 PM-12 Am The Place: The Bullitt Cabaret at A Contemporary Theatre (ACT) [...]

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What a night! – Out On A Whim #4

 Best Out On A Whim turnout and proceeds so far! Whim W'Him's big fund-raising event of the season began with two silent auctions of fine art, tickets to arts events, and various experiences. These, plus a mini-live-auction of six items—including [...]

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multiple lives – Margo Spellman

You might say Margo Spellman leads a double life—or triple or quintuple lives. Her energy, persistence, logical mind, artistic temperament, vast network of friends, and wide-ranging interests fill her days with marketing meetings, sessions in her studio, family occasions, volunteer [...]

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sizzling!-Lily Verlaine

I first met her in person on a cold Saturday backstage at Open Space Vashon—a dim and cavernous former warehouse, now arts venue. She was rehearsing for a show to light up the place that night and take the chill [...]

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drawing from life – Erin Schulz

And now for something completely different! On the surface, it would be hard to find paintings less alike than those of Erin Schulz and of Tom Barnes, whom I profiled last time. Both painters are generously contributing works to the [...]

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drawing on the run – Tom Barnes

"The last of the great gaucho painters," he likes to call himself. His watercolor and ink drawing, Sexy Legs and Boots will be auctioned at Out on a Whim #4 November 3.* At some point in the near future, he'll [...]

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out on a whim

You walk into a cavernous warehouse space. Huge, strong, dramatic carved-wood panels, obelisks, and metal sculptures with sweeping curves dominate the large space. Images of boats are everywhere... The building at 1424 10th Avenue was constructed in 1902 as a [...]

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