Mark Haim

IN-spired Q & A

After each of Whim W'Him's first two In-spired shows last weekend, Q&A sessions started interesting conversations—about socks, sets, stories, and the sources of individual inspiration—informative for audience and artists alike. First up on the program was Brahms and Tights, [...]

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dancer feature 1 – Jim Kent

This post starts a series of new profiles on Whim W’Him’s dancers, to be rolled out across the spring. During the week of each Behind the Scenes Dancer Feature, additional photos and interesting or amusing facts about the featured dancer [...]

2018-04-02T14:22:44-07:00March 18th, 2015|

dancing lives – Jim Kent

Not long ago, Jim Kent returned from a fabulous three week visit to the Philippines. He traveled with his mother, who works at Minnesota State University now, but means to retire to an 80-acre piece of land with a main [...]

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