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on dancing #unprotected

At Q&A sessions after the Whim W’Him performances that concluded last Friday, the dancers were asked about their experiences with this program. The black box Erickson Theatre on Capital Hill holds only about 150 people, in contrast to Whim W’Him’s [...]

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celebrating – Whim W’Him’s fifth season

Whim W'him's Instantly Bound program, January 17-19, 2014 at Cornish Playhouse (formerly Intiman Theatre/Seattle Center Playhouse) kicks off its fifth season. As well as showcasing three Seattle premieres (two of them created for this show), it's the occasion for several [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:56-08:00January 9th, 2014|

partying – this is Les Sylphides?!

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? It's New Year's Eve. A dinner party is about to begin. Signs aren't good. The hosts are scarcely on speaking terms. The first couple to arrive are already tipsy and get drunker as the evening [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:56-08:00December 31st, 2013|

listening to body language – Juanjo Arques

Spanish guest choreographer Juanjo Arques is learning the dancers of Whim W'Him. They talk together a little and then start to move with a series of improv exercises in couples. Juanjo makes suggestions. After a few minutes, the couples change. [...]

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composing – Brian Lawlor

Brian Lawlor is, as he puts it, "a musical mutt." The composer for Whim W'Him artistic director/choreographer Olivier Wevers' revealing new I don't remember a spark,* Brian says he is a "hypercollaborator." He delights in working with theatrical, dance, and [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:58-08:00May 17th, 2013|

composing – Lena Simon

Lena Simon grew up in Venice, California and has been "doing music for a long long time." Dancer/choreographer Andrew Bartee maintains that Lena "plays a bit of everything." She's composing the music for his piece This is real. to premiere [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:59-08:00May 9th, 2013|

and there was light – Michael Mazzola

In his yesterday’s Seattle Times review of CRAVE More, Michael Upchurch rightfully featured lighting. During and after both shows so far, I also heard audience members marveling at it. The Upchurch review concludes: “Michael Mazzola’s lighting design is as crucial [...]

2018-02-13T09:35:25-08:00January 20th, 2013|

dancing lives—Yuka Oba & Nick Schultz

On Monday, the cast of Whim W’Him artistic director Olivier Wevers’s The Sofa welcomed to Seattle Grand Rapids Ballet's Yuka Oba and Nicholas Schultz. This weekend, Nick and Yuka will reprise their roles as The Sofa's lead couple.* It is [...]

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