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hearing from critics – what does it mean?

Everyone likes to bask in accolades, but what can/should artists do to process criticism? How determine what to take to heart as fodder for growth, and what to shrug off as irrelevant or misguided? Whim W’Him’s first performances as a [...]

2018-04-02T14:23:55-07:00September 6th, 2013|

traveling – Whim W’Him is going places

Whim W'Him is headed to New York City, by invitation, to the Joyce Theater—crème de la crème of US dance venues—as a part of their Ballet v6.0 Festival. August 12-13, 2013. A great honor. A terrific opportunity. A big expense! [...]

2018-02-14T16:47:44-08:00May 3rd, 2013|

dancing lives – Andrew Bartee

After a ‘mini-sabbatical’ to finish revising a few chapters of a novel, I’m back on the job with a series of posts on Whim W’Him dancers’ dancing lives, starting with Andrew Bartee, whose day job is dancing with Pacific Northwest [...]

2018-02-13T17:05:58-08:00February 29th, 2012|