Whim W’Him is headed to New York City, by invitation, to the Joyce Theatercrème de la crème of US dance venues—as a part of their Ballet v6.0 Festival. August 12-13, 2013.

A great honor. A terrific opportunity. A big expense!
And the perfect occasion to help make it happen is coming up this month.
There are two ways to benefit Whim W’Him with your generosity—

  • *Wednesday, May 15, 2013 join The Seattle Foundation for its 3rd annual GiveBIG—a one-day, online charitable giving event to benefit nonprofits in our community. Donations made through The Seattle Foundation’s website will be stretched further thanks to The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG sponsors, who will match a share of every contribution. [For more information and to contribute on the day, go to: The Seattle Foundation | GiveBIG 2013]

Whim W’Him needs your support. Please help us grow and get to the Joyce in August. The program there will include Olivier Wevers‘ opulent tour de force The Sofa, his witty and sophisticated Flower Festival,

and Monster, the intimate and riveting exploration of the demons in our lives:

Whether you’ve been giving to Whim W’Him all along or waiting for the exact moment your contribution will do the most good, the time step up and lend a hand is NOW.