Wevers choreography

laughing – Music of Remembrance 2

"My first rule is: Let's have fun," says Whim W'Him artistic director Olivier Wevers of his choreography for Bohuslav Martinů's ballet music, La Revue de Cuisine, which will have a single showing this coming Sunday, Nov 8, at Benaroya's Nordstrom [...]

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travels – whimming in Brno

"I saw La Bayadère and fell in love with ballet again," Olivier Wevers, Whim W'Him's artistic director, told me on Skype a couple of weeks ago from the Czech Republic. He  spent most of June there, teaching his piece [...]

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X-POSED – Alone is the Devil onstage

"Closing out the program was the stunning and theatrical Alone is the Devil, choreographed by Wevers. Chillingly layered with darkness, anxiety, self-doubt and struggle, this premiere tapped into the nightmare world of addiction and temptation, both traditionally and metaphorically," [...]

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dancer feature – Lara Seefeldt

As I was thinking about how to introduce Lara Seefeldt's Dancer Feature, I came across this tribute to her by fellow Whim W'Him dancer Justin Reiter: "Lara Seefeldt is a classic beauty. And don’t let her petite figure fool you, [...]

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dancer feature 2 -Tory Peil

TORY PEIL. Powerful. Intense. Voracious. Tory Peil is warm, funny, verbal, and full of strong feelings. She loves the exaggerated physical comedy of burlesque or Olivier’s reimagining of Les Sylphides and is equally capable of great dramatic range, as in artistic [...]

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starting up – fall 2014

After a far-flung summer Whimmers are assembling in Seattle to start Whim W'Him's fifth season. Some fall highlights: In mid-September, the company took part in a presenters’ showcase at the Pacific Northwest Ballet studios for Western Arts Alliance. The other [...]

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this is not a whim – Olivier Wevers 3

What makes a good dancer? I recently asked Olivier Wevers, founder, artistic director and chief choreographer of Whim W’Whim. “It's like a recipe," he replied. "Different flavors—for a curry, say, is it less or more spicy? and what different vegetables [...]

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