Seattle Opera

moving onward – Mia Monteabaro

Mia Monteabaro has a knack for letting each stage in her development to contribute to the next, so that even setbacks fuel further growth. She grew up in Santa Barbara. Starting out young—as competitive gymnasts must—she meant to go on [...]

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trying out – Kyle Matthew Johnson

Kyle Matthew Johnson, the one male among Whim W’Him’s newest cohort of dancers, was born in Tacoma, WA and grew up participating in all sorts of art forms. He drew; he painted; he performed in musicals. He played the violin [...]

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costuming – Anastasia Armes

Anastasia with 6-year-old daughter Mila Anastasia Armes grew up in Russia in the middling size city of Saratov on the Volga River, the sort of place, she says, “mentioned in passing in Chekhov as the example of a [...]

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