Mia Monteabaro has a knack for letting each stage in her development to contribute to the next, so that even setbacks fuel further growth. She grew up in Santa Barbara. Starting out young—as competitive gymnasts must—she meant to go on to the Olympics. But the vicissitudes of life got in the way. When she was 12, a girl she knew fell, and Mia contracted a debilitating fear of backwards tumbling. She tried without success to work through it and eventually had a serious talk with her coach, who suggested a month’s rest.

Mia did take time off gymnastics, but “I couldn’t not be active for a whole month!”
So she started ballet, which led to her being in a Nutcracker production. “Afterwards,” she says, “I couldn’t go back.” She has never been one to give up, but always keeps moving onward. A quiet and soft-spoken person, Mia is also, as she points out, a Taurus.
She knows how to go with the flow, yet at the same