Out on a Whim 2014

bending – Kelsey Fernkopf

"The BLOCKHEAD series," says Kelsey Fernkopf, who is contributing the piece above (called 'Scary Bear') to Whim W'Him's Out On A Whim 2014 auction and fundraiser, "started 7 years ago. Essentially, they are about communication and identity. When I put a [...]

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finding the thread – Shawn Parks

The studio of Shawn Parks has a wonderful wall made of spools of yarn—beautiful colors, the different sizes and shapes of the spools, the yarn textures. Putting the wall up was itself, as he remarks, "an art project in itself." [...]

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observing – Mary Lamery

"I will never get bored with this," says Mary Lamery of painting places in new ways, recording what she hasn't seen before. She is drawn to what the Impressionists did when they broke with classical school of perfection and Graeco-Roman [...]

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