Juanjo Arques

reacting to what people say

Seattle was enjoying gleeful hysterics a week or so ago in its role as the 12th Man. An interesting concept that, one which—for all the commercialism and hype— gets at a crucial and universal element of every fine performance in [...]

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designing man – Mark Zappone

I love watching things being made—it's one of the most enjoyable perks of this job. And Mark Zappone is a wizard at making things—from decking out Miss Universe contestants in sequins... ...or concocting intricate classical ballet costumes... ...to coming up [...]

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partying – this is Les Sylphides?!

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? It's New Year's Eve. A dinner party is about to begin. Signs aren't good. The hosts are scarcely on speaking terms. The first couple to arrive are already tipsy and get drunker as the evening [...]

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testing the territory – Juanjo Arques

Juanjo Arques is the second of four children, whose mother was a seamstress working from home, and whose father put in 12 hour shifts at a paprika powder factory. In a village in southeast Spain, his childhood home was draped [...]

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listening to body language – Juanjo Arques

Spanish guest choreographer Juanjo Arques is learning the dancers of Whim W'Him. They talk together a little and then start to move with a series of improv exercises in couples. Juanjo makes suggestions. After a few minutes, the couples change. [...]

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