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Sep 8-16, 2023

Sep 19, 2023

You play a leading role at Whim W’Him.
Thank you to our generous community of supporters!

A very special thank you to our Season 23/24 sponsors: Braiden Rex-Johnson and Spencer Johnson
And to Paula and Barry Brown for hosting our choreographers

$10,000 +

APEX Foundation
Delaney and Justin Dechant
Jerry O’Leary
Jolene McCaw Family Foundation
Kathy Gerlich
Michael Mathieu and Deborah Tyo
Paula Becker and Barry Brown
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Spencer and Braiden Rex-Johnson

The Paris Group Northwest
Timothy Tomlinson and Vu Pham

$5,000 – $9,999

Amy Scott and Steven Alley
Amy Williams-McMeekin
Azlan Ezaddin
Courtney and Ira Gerlich
Douglas Pearce
Geoff Prentiss
Lincoln Uyeda
Nona Battistella
Richard Purcell

$2,500 – $4,999

Amy and Steve Starner
Art and Sue Jackson
Ashlyn Pawlak
Barbara Lewis
Beth Terwilleger-Hester
Betty Tong
Darren Focareta
Jason Bergevin and Kelly Abner
Jason Campbell
Kathleen Roan
Robert Evans and Steve Davis
Ronald Pederson and Jeffrey Sakuma
Sandra King
Sandy McDade
Stephen and Marie Heil
Stephen and Marleen Land
Thomas Hurley

$1,000 – $2,499

Aki Namioka and Erik Nilsson
Allison Reid

Beth Glosten
Beth Terwilleger-Hester and Todd Hester
Case van Rij
Christopher Economakos
City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture
Curry Gibson and David McDorman
David Isla and Gary Southerton
Deborah and Mark Cobain
Elizabeth Stuart
Ellen Look
Elyse Postlewaite and Kelley Compogno
Evan Arbour
Frank Peschel-Gallée and Caroline Gallée

Helen Harris
Javila Creer
Jeremy Steward
Molly and John Boose
Kent Stowell and Francia Russell
Liberty Mutual
Linda Andrew
Lindsey Taylor-Jangaard and Lars Jangaard
Marcia Bruya
Michael Curry
Miller Adams
Monica Adams
Natalie Sandoval and Ross McDorman
Owen Richards
Pamela Zytnicki
Roger Keeton
Ronald Pederson and Jeffrey Sakuma
Scott Carnz
Sharon Ellis
Tim Bradbury

$500 – $999

Becky Forland
Carolyn Lowe
Claudia Mansfield
Denis Adair
Donna and Rob Dughi
Elizabeth Houlton*
Eric Schlegel
Grant Taylor
Ingrid Harten
James Mumford

Janet Wong
Jill Stutzman
Julie Forcum
Karen Grady
Kelly Robison
Kristie and Robert Blade
Kristin Moomaw
Leslie Yamada
Libby Watson
Marcie and John McHale
Melanie Vodnick
Michelle and Kosar Jaffe
Molly McConkey
Pamela and Roman Mach
Patricia Jacobsen
Quinn Ianniciello
Ray Manahan
Ritsu Itoi and Andreas Kalmes
Royal Alley-Barnes
Shannon Carpenter
Shelly Freeman
Steve Cromwell
Steve Judkins
T-Mobile Corp
Thya Merz

$101 – $499

Aaron Stayman
Adam Welch
Adrienne Hidy
Amanda Zehnder
Amy Roberts
Andrea Wagner
Annie Gould
Anthony Tippins and Frank Baldassare
Ashley Clark and Chris Manojlovic
Bettina Lowe
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Big Gin
Camden Davis
Carolyn Paola
Casie LaBella
Catherine Blair Carleton
Colleen Ryan
Cristy Anderson
Daniel King
David McClellan
Dori McLennan
Elizabeth Novak
Erica Hanson
Erik Giesen
Erin and Kirby Green
Erin Johnson
Gabriel Prestella
Gary and Mary Molyneaux
Geoffrey Creighton
Grace Spencer
Greg McKnight
Greg Nettleton
Heidi McNulty
Helena Bierly
Helene Kaplan
Hillary Chen
Hunter Hahnemann
Jack Cowan
Jacob Bronowski
Jamal Yearwood
James Kent
James Rogers
Jamie Weinstein
Jeanine Anderson
Joey Robinson
Johanna Surla
John and Susan Cracovaner
Joseph Schultz
Juanita Holmes
Julie Chandler
Julie Oliver
Justine Finn
Kailin Gregga
Kaoru Wada
Kari Wilson
Kathi White
Kendall Overton
Kerry Thompson
Kimberly Fauquenot
Kisha Vaughan
Knox Garnder
Kori Martodam
Kristen Becker
Laara Garcia
Laura Bannister
Lee Hibbets and Matt Falcon
Leo Pitts
Leslie Harris
Lindsey Rosen
Lori Sherick
Louise l’Anson
Lucien Postlewaite
Lynn Carnegie
Madeline McHale
Marcie Rubardt
Mark Barbieri
Mark Galambos
Mark Zappone
Dr. Matthew Grierson
Michael and Christine Sannella
Michael Reid
Michele Hasson
Molly Davis
Munoz Motions
Nicole Stellner
Pamela Perrott
Paul Elrif
Perry Bryant and David Comstock
Petr Horak
Piper Clyborne
Randy Everett and Gary Fuller
Raymond Tymas-Jones
Rebekah Marion
Rhessa Diaz
Robert Matthews
Ryan Fields
Samuel Schwab
Sara Curcuruto
Sarah Foster
Sasha Nosecchi
Stefan Dotson
Stephanie Schuh
Steven Billeau
Steven Lazen
Susan Ragen
Sydney Freggiaro and Erick Koons
Tariq Mitri
Ted Bingham
Teresa McCann
Teresa Verraes
Therese McRae
Toni Santos
Victoria Farr Brown
Vincent Lipe and Steve Jensen
Yolanda Smith
Zane Norris

$1 – $99

Andrea Tapia
Ashley Menestrina
Carol Beers
Craig Scott
Erin Wallace
Fred Meyer
Georgetown Brewery
Jackson Cooper
Jeffrey Lemkin
Jenny Mao
Judy and Steve Fihn
Juliette Delfs
Kenneth Graves
Louisa Fusciardi
Marshall Lewis
Maurice Cooper
Maya Tacon
Melody Gonzalez
Michelle York
Neal Fadlan
Patricia Fulton
Peder Digre
Sarah Renz
Sue Berger
Susannah Malarkey

Gifts listed were given between 7/1/2022 and 8/1/2023.
If you see an error, please contact Melody O’Neill, Executive Manager, at melody@whimwhim.org.

*Monthly Donors
**Legacy Donors who have Whim W’Him listed in their will or estate plans

We strive to honor our supporter’s preferences for name recognition.
Please contact melody@whimwhim.org if you would like to change your preferred name listing.


Real Rent calls on people who live and work in Seattle to make rent payments to the Duwamish Tribe. Though the city named for the Duwamish leader Chief Seattle thrives, the Tribe has yet to be justly compensated for their land, resources, and livelihood.

You can do something today to stand in solidarity with
First Peoples of this land by paying Real Rent.

All funds go directly to Duwamish Tribal Services (DTS) to support the cultural, economic and political survival of the Duwamish Tribe. Visit the webiste to learn more about this grassroots movement to support Duwamish sovereignty



Enriching lives by investing in imagination,
illuminating that art exists within each and everyone


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Your support makes our work possible and we are deeply grateful for all the ways you continue to show up for Whim W’Him, our artists and each other – by donating, joining us in the theater, participate in our conversations, and sharing the work we do with your family, friends and neighbors.

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