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dancer feature – Thomas Phelan

Thomas Phelan is a problem solver, for fun, to learn, and in handling situations in or out of the studio and on or offstage. He takes a pragmatic, figure-it-out stance toward to life and art. "I’m a fairly positive person," [...]

2017-02-07T02:20:50-08:00May 7th, 2015|

dancer feature 2 -Tory Peil

TORY PEIL. Powerful. Intense. Voracious. Tory Peil is warm, funny, verbal, and full of strong feelings. She loves the exaggerated physical comedy of burlesque or Olivier’s reimagining of Les Sylphides and is equally capable of great dramatic range, as in artistic [...]

2018-05-26T15:28:29-07:00March 26th, 2015|