Amber Willett

tuning up—only 12 days!

Upstage right, hands on shoulders, then neck and back, compact and sinuous, Amber Willett and Jim Kent sway side to side, spiraling downwards through a series of maneuvers, like bodily sleight of hand. At the back of the studio, Kyle [...]

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traveling places – Amber Willett 2

When new Whim W’Him dancer Amber Willett set off for Tübingen, Germany last year, with her husband of two weeks, he had a good teaching fellowship, she didn’t have any job. But they settled in a fairy tale village on [...]

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traveling places – Amber Willett 1

New Whim W'Him dancer Amber Willett ( drinks a lot of coffee, but quite aside from caffeine, she has a lot of natural energy. Both her parents were artists and gymnasts, and her mom had a dance ministry at the [...]

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What a night! – Out On A Whim #4

 Best Out On A Whim turnout and proceeds so far! Whim W'Him's big fund-raising event of the season began with two silent auctions of fine art, tickets to arts events, and various experiences. These, plus a mini-live-auction of six items—including [...]

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dancing Lives— Lara Seefeldt 2

Whim W'him rehearsals began last June on a few days notice for Lara Seefeldt. The piece was CRAVE, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's second premiere for the company. And Lara found the experience a real challenge. After our initial conversation, when I [...]

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