Ataxia: the loss of muscle control and balance.
From inside the constant change and mood swings of a teeming and disordered mind,
we zoom outside to take a look at a human problem, our need for understanding and the help of friends.

Omar Román De Jesús of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has created Welcome to Barrio Ataxia, a work as full of exuberance as the accompanying Latin music; dancers hit punctuated shapes, turn on a dime, jump and shimmy in the air. Layered in with the fun are quick moments of incongruity—a blank stare or violent gesture that belie a darkness below the surface.

Kaitlin McCarthy, City Arts Magazine

In the piece’s dreamy second half, set to Lonesome Summer’s “Slow Meadow”, six dancers become an elastic net supporting a limp and rubber-limbed female soloist. There are vestiges of salsa steps in what they do – but they seem to unfold in a slow-motion dream world.

Michael Upchurch, Crosscut

Welcome To Barrio Ataxia, a creation from Omar Román De Jesús, is a frantic, somber and emotionally evocative deposition of the constant changes and struggles that are hallmarks of mental illness. The piece beautifully transitions from high energy group choreography into chillingly beautiful partner work.

Chris Heide, Chosen Magazine

Welcome to Barrio Ataxia


September 6, 2018
Erickson Theater


Omar Román De Jesús


Lucho Bermudez, Slow Meadow


Elaine Ortiz


Michael Mazzola