IN-with-WHIM is an experimental, virtual platform offering unlimited access to a wide-array of creative content from Whim W’Him as we reimagine our Season 11 beyond the stage. Check out all the exclusive features below and click here to view membership options and rates.
We created this season as a way to prioritize the health of our artists and the community, while supporting ways for dance artists, students and audiences to come together while staying apart.


Brand-new, original dance films uploaded exclusively to IN-with-WHIM.
Season 11 will include new work by Penny Saunders, Olivier Wevers, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Madison Olandt & Mike Tyus, Joseph Hernandez, and Robyn Mineko Williams.


We have a lot of news to share with you! Tune-in as we introduce you to our three new dancers, bid farewell to the wonderful Mia Monteabaro, answer audience questions about our virtual season, and more.


Here is your chance to revisit your favorite works from our extensive repertoire.
In addition to full-length performance footage, each past creation will include interviews with the choreographers to get a deeper look into their creative process.


In order to stay creative during this seemingly restricted time, we will be creating a variety of different mini-films.
Follow along as we share our passion through different creative ventures!


To keep you in the loop- we want to share an inside-look on our journey as we create our new dance films for Season 11!
Tune in for exclusive, live-streamed rehearsal footage.


‘In-Reach’ offers a variety of engaging and educational videos for all ages with classes including: contemporary forms, creative tasks, fitness & conditioning, and more.