X = 10 = 5 couples
stasis = frozen in time
connotations of the word ecstasy…
Olivier’s transition between a pure classical sensibility and a quirkier, more disjointed modern outlook—the final section of the music is a “manic reworking of the Madness rock classic Cardiac Arrest.” (MusicWeb International)

“X stasis,” the opener, sets a brisk pace and eclectic tone. Its five duets are full of sharp shapes fleetingly held, with fast, fluid undulations linking them. Wevers likes a bright, quick surface — but he also likes to thread something dark or taboo through it.

Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

This imaginative piece, set to the music of Thomas Ades, included a dynamic, powerful, yet vulnerable-feeling duet between Lucien Postlewaite and Jonathon Porretta, Chalnessa Eames’ delightful seduction of a dressmaker’s dummy and Kaori Nakamura in a compelling partnership with Karel Cruz. The lifts and jumps made me gasp.

Mary Murfin Bailey, City Arts Magazine


Whim W’Him Premiere

January 15, 2010
On the Boards

World Premiere

March 1, 2006
Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Choreographer Showcase


Olivier Wevers


Thomas Ades


Michael Mazzola