“Organized society and the media want the message of sameness,” says Olivier Wevers. “But we aren’t the same, with the same loves, interests, etc. Equal is not the same. We have to be tolerant and accept that, to embrace uniqueness.”

Featuring two couples, one gay, one hetero, the piece concentrates on neither dysfunction nor struggles against society, but on moments of ordinary tenderness—or confusion—within two relationships, detailing the absorption of each pair of lovers in its personal joys and complexities.

This is Wevers’ most sophisticated work to date and most fluid. Each movement and each section flows seamlessly into the next; avert your eyes even for a second and you might miss an exceptionally beautiful step or a heartfelt embrace.

Alice Kaderlan, The Seattle Times

We are not the same, Wevers’ offering for the evening, proved an exemplar of the prevailing Whim W’Him look. His choreography spirals and tangles the dancers’ limbs with a logic that reveals itself the more one sees of his work.

Anna Waller, Seattle Dances

We are not the same


January 16, 2015
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Olivier Wevers


Johannes Brahms, Brian Lawlor


Mark Zappone


Michael Mazzola