Since his first acquaintance with René Magritte as a young teenager in Brussels, Olivier has been drawn to the open-ended mystery of Surrealist painting, its metaphors, poetry and puzzles. A fitting lens through which to see Saint-Exupéry and The Little Prince, whose riddles and layers of meaning are a large part of the book’s universal and enduring appeal.

Magritte’s famous painting ‘This is not a pipe’ (Ceci n’est pas une pipe) calls attention to the fact that no artistic rendering—however precisely detailed and ‘realistic’—is real. It is always only a rendition, an interpretation of the subject through the mind of the painter, and the beholder.

In the same spirit, This Is Not The Little Prince does not attempt to translate The Little Prince word-for-word in dance, but rather to tell a human story of self-discovery by delving into the rich understory of influences and connections in the life and mind of Antoine Saint-Exupéry that led to the writing of his most famous book. 

This Is Not The Little Prince is one of Wevers’ best and strongest creations to date — ambitious, well thought out, with an arc that was easy to follow and very nicely collaborative with his co-creators of music (Brian Lawlor), lighting and set design (Michael Mazzola), and costumes by Mark Zappone.

Dean Speer, CriticalDance

The artistic life, especially the way the times in which an artist lives are transmuted into art. It is this theme that best displays Wevers’ intelligence and insight, because he obviously realizes that art does not solve the world’s social or political problems, nor cancel out the pain caused by them, but at best transforms their effect on the artist into beautiful shapes, images, words, and movements, providing a kind of compensation for their impetus.

Jim Jones, Seattle Gay News

This Is Not The Little Prince


June 7, 2019
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Olivier Wevers


Original composition by Brian Lawlor

Composition, Engineering, Pianos, Guitars, Mandolin, and Synthesizers

Brian Lawlor


Jim Kent, Brian Lawlor

Mixing engineer

Ryan Kelly


Mark Zappone


Michael Mazzola