“Choice is the act of hesitation that we make before making a decision” Alan Watts

Lyrical and physically demanding at the same time, this short gem has it all: strong performances by the entire company, inventive choreography, a touch of humor, but most of all, “The Road to Here” has an emotional resonance that sits with you long after the lights come up and the audience files out.

Marcie Sillman, And Another Thing…

Ihsan Rustem’s “The Road to Here” is a veritable powerhouse that plays with space and the nature of choice in crazy ways.

Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

The Road to Here was a rollercoaster of ideas that exemplified the experience of choice with a light heart and serious undertones.

Miranda Chantelois, Seattle Dances

The Road to Here


September 11, 2015
Erickson Theater Off Broadway


Ihsan Rustem


Max Richter, Ben Frost, Ludovico Einaudi


Rob Newton


Michael Mazzola