At the start of the universe, electricity is discharged
Billiard balls collide, transferring energy
A primordial colony of creatures, impersonal but highly attuned, responds as a group to random impulses

The strength of this work is purely in how the Forsythe-influenced Touzeau’s movement is interpreted by more contemporary dancers. These performers visibly breath and problem solve on stage, they let themselves be the decisions they make instead of acting or exaggerating them. Even if this work creates all the opportunities to distance the audience, the performers breath humanness into their work and take us along with them in all the discomfort.

Liz Houlton, Seattle Dances

It’s an imagistic, intentionally discordant performance that builds to a surprisingly playful conclusion.

Megan Burbank, The Seattle Times

Fun, strange, and nearly science fiction-like in its feel and action, Stickers was fascinating to watch, but I would not want to meet the creature therein in my corner of the universe.

Dean Speer, CriticalDance



June 8, 2018
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Pascal Touzeau


Sofia Gubaidulina


Nova Dobrev


Michael Mazzola