Presented by Early Music Seattle

Gus Denhard, Executive Director

Seattle contemporary dance company Whim W’Him and the Seattle Baroque Orchestra join forces to present Pergolesi’s enduring masterpiece Stabat Mater, the ancient hymn portraying Mary during the Crucifixion. Inspiration overflows in this fusion of art forms.

Perhaps the most captivating element of the performance was the seemingly inherent dissonance between the ancient classical music and the modernness of the choreography. However, I found that the dance, rather than serving as a detriment to the enduring classical score, provided an interesting twist to the presentation of the narrative and of the art, effectively modernizing the ancient setting of the music.

Stabat Mater is, for Catholics, a timeless story of an important figure of divinity. For everyone, the music and dance of the production by Whim W’Him and Early Music Seattle is a captivating exploration of grief and the role of a mother. Either way one approaches it, the performance was a spellbinding capturing of this ancient narrative, and a strong representation of universal feeling between mother and son, between life and death.

Teen Editor Hannah Schoettmer, edited by Teen Editor Anya Shukla, TeenTix

Stabat Mater


February 23, 2019
Shorecrest Performing Arts Center

Music Director

Alexander Weimann


Olivier Wevers


Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

Concert Master

Linda Melsted


Yulia van Doren


Krisztina Szabó

Orchestra Musicians

Janet Strauss, violin
Carrie Krause, violin
Tomà Iliev, violin
Christine Wilkinson-Beckman, violin
Lindsey Strand-Polyak, violin
Joanna Hood, viola
Nathan Whittaker, cello
Curtis Daily, bass