See-Saw, is a counterpoint, an interplay between the immediacy of a child’s world and an adult’s more complex and wider view. Contemporary dance, because it is of the body where nostalgia is archived, can be an important platform to ask: “What dreams lay forgotten within you, unvoiced and unnoticed? We grow up, go to school, learn about the world and gather information. Then we graduate, get a job, chose a partner — become an adult! Growing older we make choices and take on new responsibilities. What happens to those distant dreams we had as children?” -Laurie Seymour

It’s an artful, melancholy piece that leaves its heroine a little unsteady but still standing. The whole evening is Whim W’Him at its very best.

Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

I was struck in particular by a tender pas de deux performed by long-time company member Jim Kent, dancing at the top of his form, and the ever-amazing Cameron Birts. When Birts unfurls his long arms, or extends his foot and gracefully points his toes, he seems to transcend his small stature, and he becomes the proverbial swan. Kent is confident in his movements, owning the space.

Marcie Sillman, And another thing…

See Saw


September 13, 2019
Erickson Theatre Off Broadway


Joshua Manculich


Michael Wall


Joshua Manculich


Michael Mazzola