The creation of Penny Saunders’ play-by-play was made possible by a Choreography Fellowship grant from the Princess Grace Awards and support from Case Van Rij

Choreographer Penny Saunders returns to make a new work that’s all about making work. Play by Play follows an idea (played by Justin Reiter) as he’s dogged or encouraged by the rest of the company. Grace, Passion, Prudence, Folly, and others all get involved, but it’s Patrick Kilbane as Doubt who has the most influence. He’s always there—sometimes actively blocking the path, sometimes hovering just behind. See it with your New Year’s resolutions in hand.

Sandi Kurtz, The Seattle Weekly

A masterful study of the fruition of a new idea. It is a hauntingly intimate portrayal of the uphill battle that any new idea faces. It also works as representation of an individual struggling to find their place in the world.

Chris Heide, Chosen Magazine

It was ethereal, dark and light at the same time, and so technically and physically challenging!  Ms. Saunders did not take it easy on the dancers, and pushed them to their physical exhaustion..

Michele Solano, Thus Spoke Lady M



January 20, 2017
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Penny Saunders


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Antonín Dvorák


Val Mayse


Michael Mazzola