On the occasion of its Xth anniversary, Ihsan’s 3rd piece for Whim W’Him:
“In the life of a company, as in our own lives, there are 3 periods.

The beginning.
Where we’re at now.
The future.
They all contain our hopes, desires and fears.”

The skill of the dancers gleams in each moment. Watching Jim Kent do a second position plié relevé alone could floor an audience. His full-bodied articulation, paired with a daring, focused gaze make even the simplest steps a treat to watch.

Meredith Pellon, Seattle Dances

Sometimes during a dance I become so entranced I forget to take notes, or I try to take so many I can’t read them later. This time I did both, ending my scribbles with one word: “BRILLIANT!”

Sharon Cumberland, Seattle Gay News

Serious but light overall in tone, Rustem deployed the cast first as individuals, then in pairs, and building to the whole group, and finally paring it down to a small number for the ending, which was set to Casta Diva. Excellent choices throughout.

Dean Speer, CriticalDance

Of Then and Now


January 17, 2020
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Ihsan Rustem


Vincenzo Bellini, Johnny Cash, Jefferson Airplane, Libana, Aldous Harding


Meleta Buckstaff


Michael Mazzola