Three dancers.
A special language for this piece alone.
Phrases, sequences, little scenes an abstract meditation on the dubious resolutions we make each year.

The three performers acted as one body, the intricate movement initiations sequencing through their composite form as if they had the same blood flowing through their veins.

Anna Waller, Seattle Dances

[Loni and Penny] work in the synthetic style that Wevers employs with his company, combining the flexibility and articulation of ballet with the liquid qualities of contact improvisation and modern dance.

Alice Kaderlan, Seattle Times

The style of Loni Landon’s “new year new you” is jerkier and more angular than those of the other pieces… it has a lovely solo for the elastic Mia Monteabaro, a touching trio for her, Reiter and Jim Kent and a wonderful surprise ending.

Alice Kaderlan, Seattle Times

new year new you


January 16, 2015
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Loni Landon


Sound engineered and designed by Dylan Ward


Loni Landon


Michael Mazzola