The 2 miles thick Laurentide Ice Sheet, which covered most Canada and the northern US, slowly melted over a period of 10,000 years and finally disappeared 10,000 years ago. It weighted down heavily on the earth, and the earth tries to spring back as it melted down. Thereby some parts of Canada have a lower gravity than the rest of the world. This Laurentide seems a perfect conflict or balance between two states of being.

The second half of Laurentide maintains the tense demeanor but allows movement to build and develop over time, taking away some of the immediacy and drama of the first half. The dancers perform unison with sweeping arm movements and sleek texture.

Meredith Pellon, Seattle Dances

This lyrical, highly physical work was a perfect showcase for the dancers’ versatility: stately, poignant, technically demanding.

Marcie Sillman, And another thing…

Laurentide also contained some of the most breathtaking partnering, and glorious group synchronicity ot the entire evening. Ever single dancer was given a moment to shine in the creation and it is easily one of the all-time best pieces of art that Whim W’Him has ever produced.

Chris Heide, Chosen Magazine



September 13, 2019
Erickson Theatre Off Broadway


Yoshito Sakuraba


The Haxan Cloak, Laurent Uhres


Yoshito Sakuraba


Michael Mazzola