Before dancers or music, all you are first aware of is light, palpable light, beamed through fog, diagonally through the air across the stage. A sense of three-dimensionality to the air is one of the characters in INAT$ (It’s Not about the Money).
One by one the dancers enter from different quadrants. Costumed in rich velvet and something lacy, off-shoulder, a deep blue that sometimes shimmers and sometimes soaks up all the light, each dances alone, then vanishes before the appearance of the next. The rest of this fast-paced 17 minute work is a series of acrobatic solos, duos, and trios. Light slants out and down from spots in the center above the stage, opening rectangles of criss-crossed white that come and go up on the floor with the moving figures.

“Money” is pleasurable and impeccably performed, drawing cheers for Bartee in one solo he pulled off with slippery, swivelly finesse.

Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

There is great subtlety in this “pure dance” ballet which allows each viewer to make of it what he or she will, plus a full expression of Wevers’ inventiveness and theatrical flair.

Alice Kaderlan, Seattle PI

It’s Not About the Money


June 24, 2011
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Olivier Wevers


Bill Ryan – Billband


Mark Zappone


Michael Mazzola