“It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender.” Jenny Holzer

Into the Wide Welcome was haunting, unforgettable, and aesthetically captivating in multiple ways.

Miranda Chantelois, Seattle Dances

Peil and Johnson are once again dynamite, their intimate duet featuring achingly beautiful moments, as when Johnson embraces her from behind and she leans back to rest her head on his shoulder momentarily. They might be in a world of darkness, but the strength of the human spirit is still alive.

Rachel Gallaher, City Arts Magazine

The final section, all six dancers moving as one, creating a new pulse in the room. Like a human chest compression, slowly and methodically easing life back into the room. Creating heat and breath, where there was none before. It’s one hell of a journey, and I hope all of you will give yourself the gift of experiencing it.

Michele Solano, Thus Spoke Lady M

into the wide welcome


September 11, 2015
Erickson Theater Off Broadway


Maurya Kerr


Philip Jeck, Alva Noto, Biosphere, HTRK, Dalmacio Payomo


Rob Newton


Michael Mazzola