Inspired by the idea that we live in a simulated reality, Madison & Mike take us on a journey from inside the screen world to ELSEWHERE, a place that is neither here nor there but the place we escape to.
In normal times, many of our greatest pleasures derive from our desire to escape reality. Yet in this age of sequestration, social media, and ever-present screen modalities, it’s the return to what is real that feels more like an escape. Physical human contact and grass between your toes are more transcendent than any Oscar-Winning movie.
In creating this dance film, Madison & Mike have found themselves capturing bits of reality, but then transforming them into data points and storing them on screens for people to consume. Is this the new normal? Will we one day fully disconnect from the natural world to find escape within the digital realm? Or will we choose, yet again, to redefine Elsewhere?

This film was created and filmed following strict adherence
to the CDC guidelines for physical distancing and safety protocols.



September 2020


Madison Olandt
Mike Tyus

Creative Assistant

Joy Isabella Brown

Original Composition

Emmit Fenn


Meleta Buckstaff

Director of Photography

QUinn Wharton