Crossroads in time and place.
Each instant/space where things begin or end. What is that moment in our lives?
Where is this place?
Who are we, before and after?

It’s like Beverly Hills 90210 with pointe shoes and plies. Arques’ choreography sensual and raw, focusing on human interaction, especially in the duets with Tory Peil and Kyle Johnson, where they play off each other’s movements with a moody energy and strong emotional pull. They’re tender, angry, violent and loving towards each other, embodying a sympathetic relationship. Everyone can relate.

Rachel Gallaher, City Arts Magazine

This dancer input created a sense of non-verbal dialogue overlaying the numerous coupled sections throughout, a feeling of reaction versus staged, studied movement. Aaron Martin’s score also generated this impression of dialogue, polyphonic layers of electronica as conversation.

Charlotte Hart, Seattle Dances

Arques plays with the changing relationships among eight dancers, set against a backdrop evoking different houses in a small community.

Alice Kaderlan, Seattle PI



January 17, 2014
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Juanjo Arques


Aaron Martin


Mark Zappone


Michael Mazzola