An abstract work inspired by the music of Brahms, an exploration of movement and patterns, formations and color.

Wevers too is calling more and more upon his dancers’ prodigious technique, allowing it to show and shine. Brahms and Tights is a “keeper” and the dancers deserve this treatment to, not just dance to, but more importantly, in which to respond.

Dean Speer, CriticalDance

Brahms and Tights is a bright, colorful work; possibly one of Wevers’ best ever. It’s a cohesive number, set to Brahms’ Violin Concerto in D Major. The choreography in this number was simply extraordinary.

Chris Heide, Chosen Magazine

This piece was brilliantly choreographed, deliciously costumed, stunning fluid, elegantly emoted, and wonderfully danced.

Michele Solano, thus Spoke Lady M

Brahms and Tights


January 22, 2016
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Olivier Wevers


Johannes Brahms


Ronalee Wear


Michael Mazzola