Eliminate the superficial, in movement and intention Pare to the essence by physical research

Immerse in the medium/ deliver from inside.
Life is fluidity, permeability, nothing static

Complex connections between movement and words Communication/universality in difference, magnetism, joy.

I liked Bell’s movement inventiveness and enjoyed the unique twitching and body part isolations that she gave to dancer Jane Cracovaner, who was amazing — how she gave the appearance of her body being in her own control and yet still being able to move anywhere — at once both humorous and disturbing.

Dean Speer, CriticalDance

Sidra Bell’s structures were fascinating.

Sharon Cumberland, Seattle Gay News

Behavioral Skins


January 17, 2020
Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center


Sidra Bell

Rehearsal Direction, Dramaturgy, & Choreographic Assistance

Gilbert Small

Rehearsal Intern

Emma Wheeler


Akira Rabelais, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Valiska, Ossia


Meleta Buckstaff


Michael Mazzola