A creation story of sorts. 
It begins with the ending of one world and examines the design of the next. 
Each dancer is a different aspect of existence and together they make up the elements of a new paradigm.

In Alice Klock’s Before After, the seven dancers of Whim W’Him treat the audience to innovative movement vocabulary, interspersed with gestures performed with creature-like curiosity.

Philippa Myler, Seattle Dances

It’s a hauntingly evocative dance, enhanced by Michael Mazzola’s lighting design that seems to place the dancers in an undersea world where they tumble and float beneath his watery illumination.

Marcie Sillman, And another thing…

Before After, is a beautifully haunting depiction of the ending of one world and the beginning of another. The piece is filled with staccato, disjointed movement that evokes truly apocalyptic change. It’s a piece that represents the uncomfortable movement of any paradigm shift.

Chris Heide, Chosen Magazine

Before After


September 6, 2017
Erickson Theater


Alice Klock


Moderat , Natureboy Flako, J. Ralph, Max Richter


Nova Dobrev


Michael Mazzola