3Seasons is Olivier’s original vision for Whim W’Him— collaboration, blending classical ballet and modern dance, experimentation with where/how far ballet can go.

The set-up: At the start of each show, one Vivaldi season is chosen, randomly, to be dropped. In its stead, the dancers perform what Olivier has choreographed for Vivaldi to a live performance of Byron’s corresponding movement, adapting as they dance to a radically different sound and mood.

3Seasons probes our disposable society, our attachment to objects. It is less a judgment than a reflection.
Objects tie us into place. They divide us from each other, soil us, won’t let us free.
Our world is not stable or predictable. Human actions change the climate. Weather patterns blur.
Seasons are no longer distinct. What happens in one part of the world affects everywhere else.
People are alienated from one another, and at the same time lose their individuality.
What happens to intimacy?
Can intrusion of the unexpected throw us together, renew the community we have lost, or will it estrange us even more?

I would say do anything you can — cash in your life insurance, pawn your children, whatever it takes — to grab a ticket to “3Seasons,” the first full-length evening of work by Olivier Wevers and his new dance company, Whim W’Him.

Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

This felt like a landscape full of detritus swept ashore and where possessing and craving material things had become a kind of curse. Briefly the humans remaining in this landscape provided the natural beauty. An endless kiss between Ty Alexander Cheng and Kylie Lewallen while their arm positions flowingly changed, suggesting some kind of mutant tree tossed in a wind.

Mary Murfin Bailey, City Arts Magazine



January 15, 2010
On the Boards


Olivier Wevers


Antonio Vivaldi, original composition by Byron Au Yong


Michael Cepress


Michael Mazzola