ANDREW MCSHEA  (he/him/his)

Andrew, from Leesburg, VA, began his training in ballet and jazz at the Loudoun School of Ballet. He earned a BFA in Dance from Point Park University, under the direction and mentorship of Rubén Graciani. Andrew has performed works by Andrea Miller, Micaela Taylor, Zack Winokur and Julia Eichten, and many others. He has also worked with Patrick O’Brien Dance Project, Peter Stathus Dance, and Gallim Dance before, most recently, joining DanceWorks Chicago.

“There’s something so paradoxical about dance. Using opposition is something we, as dancers, are taught early on in our training. Rooting down, while growing upwards. Making it look effortless, while swimming in the rigor of it. Finding the balance of freedom of expression, while keeping the clarity and purity in the structure. In this way dance reflects life.”